Spirtual Hints

Attitude to God:

  1. Remember that we have been created in order to love and server God, our Creator, and that all learning and wealth in this world amount to nothing without the fear of God on which our temporal and eternal welfare depends.
  2. Give glory to God for whatever learning you have; for He is the Author of every good. Do not glory in any ability.
  3. Give yourself to the practice of virtue while you are young. The virtues to be cultivated most are modesty (purity), humility, obedience, kindness & respect for every man.
  4. By modesty is, meant a proper and decent manner of speaking and acting. This virtue is one of the best ornaments o our age in all human relationships
  5. Avoid every kind of sin, but especially for evils should be particularly avoided :
  6. The taking of the name of God in vain
  7. Impurity in thought, word or deed
  8. Stealing and telling lies
  9. All kinds of sexual aberrations.

These evils draw down God’s anger upon us. But if we keep away these evils from us, God will never fail us with his blessings.